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Since we are now counting down to less than a month before baby #3 arrives, we’ve been in a ‘rush’ to get through a few things. One of these being Roman’s birthday. There’s anxiety that comes wrapped with any occasions that take place 3 weeks before your baby is due, especially when it’s your son’s birthday!

Thankfully, we made it through his birthday without a new baby and managed to have our attention completely focused on him. And when I got the chance to stop, slow down, and focus it makes me all weepy that he’s growing up.

What a difference a year makes!


From 5 years old to 6 years, you can certainly see a lot of baby has left him, and the ‘mature’ big boy is shining through.


He and his dad have the exact same sense of humor.


This was his first year of really getting into sports.


Christmas keeps getting better and better each year!


And we enjoyed our holiday traditions along with a SUUUUUPER long winter. 


On January 2, I created our own holiday: Rock Star Day. We put on as many tattoos as possible, custom decorate our t-shirts, and get to wear crazy hair while rocking out on their instruments.

These guys loved it. Which I am now sure will come back to bite me. They don’t let me forget things like this and will likely expect to do it for years to come….



Spending time with his family, friends, and learning how to dance Super Hero style was all part of his 6th year.


And, the very first lost tooth!

This year hasn’t changed his relationship with his brother, who he claims is is best friend. They still are as close as ever. You know I was worried about that when he first started kindergarten. Plus, finding out we are having another buddy for him to play with has been an extra special part of this year!

(Photo of all four of us taken by Michelle Ross of Under Grace Photo.)


Turning Six has been fun for all of us!


My dear sweet Roman, You continue to light up my life. As my firstborn child you are so very special to me in that we learn a lot of things together. I think you’re handling it pretty well, and one day, I hope you can look back and say the same for me.

It’s always fun and sad and exciting and a happy moment to think of you growing up. This very last photo really captures your sweet spirit, your good natured attitude, and just how dynamic you truly are.

I love you my big little man. Happy Birthday!



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The Ross Family | At Home

Michelle is a fantabulous photographer who is due to have her baby in April too!

Since we are both growing babies in our bellies at the same time, we decided to swap photo sessions (mine is this weekend! …and I’m getting unnecessarily stressed over silly things like we all do right before photos!).

I got to capture her family at home on a Sunday afternoon ….a perfect way to catch them in their element of baking, being silly, reading books, and snuggling Michelle’s super cute baby bump.

Telling the story of “life before baby sister arrives” was really fun to capture.

blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris001
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris004
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris003
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris005
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris002
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris006
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris008
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris007
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris009
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris010
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris011
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris012
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris013
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris015
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris016
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris017
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris018
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris019

Thanks Michelle! See you on the other side of the lens in a few days!



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The Sports Lesson | Confessions of a Perfectionist Parent

Sports for our children is basically new for us. Sure, we’ve been involved in the random t-ball leagues for a couple of seasons but now, somehow, something has changed.

In an effort to “keep up with the Joneses” we signed our kid up to a team that is more competitive than he’s probably built toward. The spirit of team and the coach is not competitive, but the majority of the players are definitely more experienced, athletic, and intense than our little guy. This instantly has made us as parents freak out inside. “Did we do the wrong thing? How can he keep up? Does he understand that there are kids on the team that are so exceptional? Do we want him to know this or even care? How will he rise to their level if he’s so new? Why doesn’t he want to be better?” In our minds, we were constantly nervous, wanting our little guy to fit in, enjoy himself, and not slip between the cracks of learning basic skills of the game. But, we also understood the balance of having fun. At the heart of it all we KNOW that there can be lessons learned no matter what situation you are placed in….and that you can also have fun in the process.

So, the dilemma had nothing to do with our son. It’s us. All us.  In fact, he really doesn’t mind.
The single most important thing I’ve learned from this so far is: Having my kid in sports is all about the lessons I’m learning as a parent.
How we act, or NOT act.
All we need him to do is show up, have fun. But we stressed. We worried. We wondered if we had him in the wrong league for his abilities and his personality. It pours over into our interaction with him. While we weren’t doing drills or making him carry his ball around throughout the week, there were tiny things we mention here and there that probably turned a one hour practice or game into ‘work’ for him. It surely and unconsciously chipped away at his joy. We didn’t mean to. Of course, we say, “Did you have fun, buddy?” But we also wrongly pointed out what could be different to make his experience better next time.
What we’ve really done is taken our own insecurities, our own worries, and we’ve poured them over onto our son.
I read this quote recently:
If you’ve put the fear of yourself into a child, how is there room for the joy of the Lord?  – Ann Voskamp
This quote is applicable to so many facets of life.
But for my current situation, it showed me how we’re just stealing the joy of extra-curricular activities away from our son.
So now, we are learning to put blinders on and focus on his joy.
And how we do this is show up and shut up. No pressure. No pressure on him or ourselves.


What’s the risk? What do we lose? 90 dollars given to the YMCA and two months of Saturdays?
I’ll tell you right now that this face of joy:


and these giggles:


….is way better than any dollar amount and some sacrificed Saturday mornings.
We are not perfect parents. We’re just beginning to see what sitting in the bleachers looks like. And we are already quickly learning hard lessons of having a kid in a performance based activity. I’m discovering that the lessons that are being taught in this experience are mostly for me and how I can be a better encouragement, a support, a steadfast memory for my son. I want to have my kids look back and just remember that I was there. I want them to see my smiling face and know love. I want the memory of their activities to grow them, to teach them, but also to help them see this is a time where they are supported 100%.
I want them to feel worthwhile in what they do because of the love they feel from their parents….just like God loves us.
Two fantastic articles regarding this subject:



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  • AmyFebruary 20, 2014 - 4:58 am

    Thanks for your honesty. We did soccer last fall and had to CONSTANTLY remind myself that it wasn’t about me and my expectations, but about my son and HIS experience. Thankful for grace.

    Great pics, of course :) ReplyCancel

  • PagetteFebruary 20, 2014 - 9:25 pm

    Wow! Nicely said! I’d like a do-over please!ReplyCancel


Here’s a bit of fun we had on our snow day.

At 3 years old, Milo is now doing the Chandler Bing engagement photo smile that all kiddos his age do.

I love it.:)

STOP. TIME. These handsome boys of mine need to stop growing. I want to freeze this age and moment right here. They truly are loves of my life.

This is Reggie. He’s been part our family from the beginning. We’ve had him before we had babies. Although he is getting older, the snow will always bring the puppy out in him. He went for a ride on the sled a few times and I promise he likes it but the video may prove otherwise.

Ganging up on daddy for a snowball fight!

AND…. If ya didn’t already know…. next year will be even more fun because we are expecting our beautiful baby boy! Yep, that’s a baby bump under all those shirts.

 He’s due in April so he’ll be sitting up and giggling just in time to take a ride in the sled with daddy.

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