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My newest love

The sweet season of my pregnancy has ended and now the joy of a new baby has finally come!


Massimo Vinn Harris arrived on April 15th just shy of midnight. He was 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long. As I type this, he’s turning one week old today ….and the magic that occurs with a tiny person that’s only been on this planet for a week has knocked me off my feet.

I am in absolute heaven.

EL3C5935-Edit copy

There will, obviously, be a need for time so baby and I can get aquatinted (and hopefully for me to get a manicure, right?!). So, I’ll be on maternity leave until the summer. I already have some fab family sessions lined up and I’m planning on focusing on newborns in the fall. So, all you momma’s who’ve just found out your baby’s gender, give me a holler. I’m looking forward to snuggling your new one just as I’ve had the chance to do the same with my guy. You can email me. Just remember, I’m slow to respond for the next month or two.

I’m too busy soaking in all the tiny-ness, all the soft newborn hair, his lovely smell, and his utter dependence upon my care. Oh, am I in love!!!!!



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For the past nine months, I’ve been pretty consumed with my pregnancy. I’ve had my share of pregnancy woes: morning sickness, increased Lyme flare ups, failing the one hour glucose test  (passed the 3 hour though!), watchful ultrasounds on baby (too much fluid, oh wait, not enough fluid, and that baby sure looks big!) and a little ailment called vulvar varicosities…. but I won’t explain it to you, I’ll let Scary Mommy do it for ya. The last week of my pregnancy, I suffered a fall down the stairs which has resulted in bruised booty and who knows how long my tailbone will ache.

Anyway, so pregnancy was rough. It was also one of the greatest times of my life. I loved it WAY MORE than I hated it… and again, if you read up on vulvar varicosities, I’m telling you the hatred was strong.

This very well may be my last pregnancy. And I relished it. I had fun with it. I enjoyed the kicks, the belly growth, and the way my two boys grew with excitement each day as my belly swelled.

This pregnancy has been a blessed one. Many friends showered me with love, gifts, and maternity clothing. They shared in my excitement and I was even sprinkled with a surprise mini-shower by some of my photog buddies.

I had several friends pregnant with me this time. One was even a client in the salon!  So that was neat to watch our bellies grow together. And even though my due date was right in the middle, I ended up being one of the last to hold my baby boy. Funny how I hoped he’d come early and he chose to hang onto his due date, that stinker.:)

You’ll see Instagram pics along with some selflies I took in my own studio. Thanks to Kelly Manno who took the gender reveal shots and to Michelle Ross for our family maternity photos.

Enjoy the ride as I take you through my photo journey of carrying my baby boy for nine months.





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Since we are now counting down to less than a month before baby #3 arrives, we’ve been in a ‘rush’ to get through a few things. One of these being Roman’s birthday. There’s anxiety that comes wrapped with any occasions that take place 3 weeks before your baby is due, especially when it’s your son’s birthday!

Thankfully, we made it through his birthday without a new baby and managed to have our attention completely focused on him. And when I got the chance to stop, slow down, and focus it makes me all weepy that he’s growing up.

What a difference a year makes!


From 5 years old to 6 years, you can certainly see a lot of baby has left him, and the ‘mature’ big boy is shining through.


He and his dad have the exact same sense of humor.


This was his first year of really getting into sports.


Christmas keeps getting better and better each year!


And we enjoyed our holiday traditions along with a SUUUUUPER long winter. 


On January 2, I created our own holiday: Rock Star Day. We put on as many tattoos as possible, custom decorate our t-shirts, and get to wear crazy hair while rocking out on their instruments.

These guys loved it. Which I am now sure will come back to bite me. They don’t let me forget things like this and will likely expect to do it for years to come….



Spending time with his family, friends, and learning how to dance Super Hero style was all part of his 6th year.


And, the very first lost tooth!

This year hasn’t changed his relationship with his brother, who he claims is is best friend. They still are as close as ever. You know I was worried about that when he first started kindergarten. Plus, finding out we are having another buddy for him to play with has been an extra special part of this year!

(Photo of all four of us taken by Michelle Ross of Under Grace Photo.)


Turning Six has been fun for all of us!


My dear sweet Roman, You continue to light up my life. As my firstborn child you are so very special to me in that we learn a lot of things together. I think you’re handling it pretty well, and one day, I hope you can look back and say the same for me.

It’s always fun and sad and exciting and a happy moment to think of you growing up. This very last photo really captures your sweet spirit, your good natured attitude, and just how dynamic you truly are.

I love you my big little man. Happy Birthday!



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The Ross Family | At Home

Michelle is a fantabulous photographer who is due to have her baby in April too!

Since we are both growing babies in our bellies at the same time, we decided to swap photo sessions (mine is this weekend! …and I’m getting unnecessarily stressed over silly things like we all do right before photos!).

I got to capture her family at home on a Sunday afternoon ….a perfect way to catch them in their element of baking, being silly, reading books, and snuggling Michelle’s super cute baby bump.

Telling the story of “life before baby sister arrives” was really fun to capture.

blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris001
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris004
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris003
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris005
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris002
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris006
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris008
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris007
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris009
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris010
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris011
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris012
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris013
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris015
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris016
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris017
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris018
blog_st_louis_family_photographer_ donna_ harris019

Thanks Michelle! See you on the other side of the lens in a few days!

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