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Lisa is one of my very good photographer friends. It is always an honor when a photographer will hire you to photograph their family. And even though we’ve spent many hours chatting, shooting, and socializing. I never got the chance to meet her family until now!

Lisa, you have a beautiful family that you should be very proud of! I hope I capture them well!

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Having a third baby is a really neat thing. You don’t stress over a lot. You’ve traveled many of the paths of mommy-hood before so you enjoy the journey much much more and you stress a whole lot less. The other neat thing about having another brand new baby is all the new fun items that are now available to help make life a little bit easier. It’s amazing what they come up with in a matter of years.

Here are a few things I never enjoyed with my first two that I’m seeing big benefits with Massimo….


#1 The Mamaroo.

It’s not a swing. It’s not a bouncer. It’s like a person holding your baby and shushing them to sleep! No joke.


You know how you go to a baby shower and it’s always the little old ladies that say, “They come up with the most amazing things! We certainly didn’t have that when we were raising babies!” Well, that’s what you’ve probably overheard when it comes to the Mamaroo. This thing is a lifesaver! It rocks your kid to sleep (in 5 different motions with several speed settings) and has a noise machine connected to it that also can play music through the speakers with most any device.


#2 A baby carrier.

Six years ago, you could NOT find the affordable and comfortable carriers that are available now. I have loved wearing my babe. It’s been the perfect element in allowing me to keep up with the rest of the family and continue to care for the littlest.


#3 Baby Leggings

I think when these first became popular, Milo was a baby but they were heavily marketed toward girls. I love putting leggings on my little man. They are adorable and make diaper changes one step easier (no pants to pull off and on)!


#4 More choices in a white noise machine.

Technology has improved the quality of my parenting life for sure! Can you believe that only 4 short years ago we didn’t have the accessibility to free apps and mp3s on our phones like we do now? I remember lugging a white noise machine over to my in-law’s house on Sunday afternoons to make sure we had something to help put the baby to sleep. Now, it’s always on me because I have it on my phone.

In the photo below, we actually have an old phone without service that we use. We also have it connected to an external speaker just to keep it at the volume we prefer.


#5  Extra (little) hands.

The very best thing about having more kids is MORE kids! These guys have been such a help, an entertainment to the baby, a comfort, and a reminder of our joy. Even if I just need an extra set of eyes for half a second, it’s nice to know I have that with my bigger children.


So, if you’ve ever been on the fence wondering if more kids are the right choice for you, I’ve just given you 5 very good reasons to consider YES.;)

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